LED Bulb Light

Primalux LED Bulb Light


  1. Product shell is made of high quality heat sing aluminum alloy extrusion forming, good optical design.
  2. Lampshade material supports the light transmission rate which reaches 90%, effectively improve product intensity of illumination and brightness.
  3. Low depreciation of brightness, low power consumption, high efficiency, high anti-static, environmentally friendly, energy saving, long lifespan up to 50000 hours.
  4. Excellent heat dissipation, no radiation, no infrared and ultraviolet light, no glare. Various color temperature choices, high Color Rendering Index.
  5. Easy installation, just replace the traditional lamp directly. Compatible with E27 based. Optional voltage: 110V/220V.


All kinds of lightning. Widely used for Home lightning, Hotel, Shopping mall, Conference room, Corridor lightning, School, Theatres, Retaurant, Karaoke, Bar, etc.


Primalux LED Bulb Light Spec